MC SPEEDY on let-trade!!!

  1. OMG i wish i have the money to buy it now!!!!! ITS NEW and its 1550 ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. what a great deal...i love the mc speedy but i'm picky about the color combo...not crazy about the greens on the top!
  3. i saw that! it's not something i want right now, but what a good deal... hope a pf'er gets it.
  4. I saw it it's really nice, but not the right color combo!
  5. I thought I was the only one that was picky about the colour combo :shame:

    Don't like the green - reminds me of :throwup: being sick, :lol:

  6. nope..not picky at all..for the price of mc speedy, you want to pick the perfect one! lol...

    btw..there's a new mc speedy on let-trade..color combo's great!
  7. I like the color combo on let-trades. It has pinks in the front. Whats wrong with it? :shrugs:
  8. yup..this current one's great..but the last one (when this post was originally put up) had the dark greens on the top ... looked drab, not the cheery pinks, lime greens and light blues that I like.