MC Speedy 30... attention getter bag?

  1. Im brand new to the whole LV addition. Already though I have 5 bags, a Keepall and 2 MC wallets....keychains, and a pair of shoes. :supacool: So my SA is liking me already!

    Well I just bought the MC Speedy 30...and I swear every place I take that bag I get a ton of stares. I never get this when I take my MC Aurelia out.

    Do you all think it is an "attention getter" bag? I have the white one.

    My SA just called and said they have some new MC bags in one that is similar to the Beverly, and a new tote, so they are holding those for me now. I am probably going to go for one of those because I feel my Speedy is just too "loud".

    Anyone else feel this way?
  2. I think people just recognize it more...
  3. I don't get any attention by carrying the MC speedy but some people made comments on my new Azur speedy.
  4. It is an awesome bag. It grabs everyones attention because the bright colors and all the gold detailing. I think they look expensive and classy. It's my husbands fave out of my collection except for leopard polly.
  5. MC speedy is my go to bag. It always brings stairs. its truly my favorite bag. I also the aurelia in white and black but the speedy for sure gets more stares.
  6. I'm telling you guys, it's because of all the gold (brass) bling on the bag. How can you not look! Just like the suhali's. They are gorgeous!! I have the white MC but I can't tell you how many times I've come close to buying the black MC too.
  7. People recognize it more than the other bags.
  8. It's such a pretty bag which is why it gets lots of attention, plus I think the bright colours make it stand out nicely so more people notice it.:nuts:
    I love the MC speedy ( don't have one though.)
  9. I carried my white MC Alma today and I didn't get anymore looks than normal. Then again, I only went to the post office..
  10. I think it is the gold. Im telling you.. when I carry my MC white Aurelia...nothing. Its NOTHING like it is when I carry the White MC Speedy. Everyone looks at it.

    It definitely is one gorgeous bag. I love it. I can't wait to see what my SA is showing me. I am sure I will walk out with one of them! :nuts:
  11. I have a Black MC Speedy and I get TONS and I mean TONS of stares. I think it is an "attention getter" but it doesn't bother me at all. Yeah, I'll admit it .... I like the attention. ;)
  12. A lot of people stare at it simply because it's a GORGEOUS bag and it's definitely not the regular bag you see on the street! The color is lovely with all the gold hardware. Enjoy it. :heart:
  13. I think they also stare since it was the same one Jessica Simpson made famous. Anyhow, I love my white Multicolor Speedy and the stares that come with it!
  14. ya it does make people stare... I remember about 1/2 year ago, I walked past a nice coffee shop, everyone outside drinking turned to look at my bag... it was like a Kodak moment lol. I used to kinda enjoy the attention, but now I guess not cuz I haven't used this bag for about 3-4 months...meh :shrugs:
  15. I think most people just recognize it as the "Jessica Simpson bag." I also (and Im sorry to say this) think that many times if you carry LV, some people stare in an attempt to figure out if it's real or fake.