MC Priscilla VS Denim Speedy (khaki or blue)

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  1. hi everbody...
    i am newbie this forum.. i havent get any chance to introduce myself coz i too busy read all the blogs. ;)
    guys, i need some advice at this moment to choose my new LV. Plz help!:shame:
    last nite my & my bf went lv melb. having a look neo speedy in blue n khaki.i love blue. & he love khaki. then i get confused. but suddenly he changed his mind when he saw priscilla.. he said the bag suit me more. and i end up buying pricilla..
    But since i wake up. i keep thinking of neo speedy....
    so please help me.. with this dilemma... hehe:idea:

    have a nice day:heart:
  2. i have attached my new priscilla..
    IMG_0604.jpg IMG_0605.jpg
  3. OMG!!!! That bag is gorgeous.....LOVE the multicolor Murakami design...
    you LUCKY GRRRLLL:yes:
  4. I actually think my next bag will be the multicolor Priscilla...nice very nice...thanks for the pic
  5. Hi mate, welcome to PF. It's a beauty !!! Why don't you carry this beauty for couple of days and get the feel of it , if you are still thinking about Neo ,you can exchange it to neo speedy blue. You said your BF likes neo in khaki, well..does he have plan to borrow your bag in the future [​IMG] ??
  6. uaehuaehea
    i have no idea...
    he just like me carrying bags that not very common.. guys think..
    i keep looking the bags.. now.. and the feeling start to grow. eauhae
    thanks spunky...
    anyway.... i have checked with my SA in melbourne.. she said.. she havent heard the price hike... LV usually will let their staff know 2 days before they increase their price.

  7. thanks veronica..
    i also think this bag is great n beautiful...
    actually i am looking the mc with a lot of pinks. but they only have 1 left.. . :sad:
  8. The Priscilla is really nice but personally I would choose denim speedy! Both khaki & blue are nice, but khaki is limited for this season only while you can get the blue anytime.
  9. What a beautiful bag! It is very unique looking but so is the khaki denim speedy! Sorry but I love both bags! Can't help you! :shame:
  10. You can do that?!:shocked:
  11. I think it's cute and I always no matter how happy I am think the next day about the one I chose against. I usually never end up buying the one I chose against, though.

    I think it might be a case of just the old saying:

    a bag in the hand is worth two in a bush (okay so I'm rephrasing!)

    but really you still WANT the two in the bush
  12. Welcome....So Happy To Have You Here!!!

    I LOVE Your Priscilla ~ It's Gorgeous!!! But, If You Are Not Happy Go Back & Get The One You Like! The Neo Speedy Is Fab, Too!!!!! :smile:
  13. I love the Priscilla! Keep it!
  14. The sides on the Priscilla dont stick out as much as they do on the mailers right? Unless they were pushed in? I think they look better with the sides sticking out more.
  15. I think the Priscilla is very cute but looks like it wouldn't be easy to use, at least not compared to the Speedy.

    Personally I would prefer the Denim Speedy but since the Khaki maybe you should get that....