MC Leonor - Past it's Prime?

  1. I purchased this MC Leonor a few years ago but I have never worn it. It has just been sitting in it's dust bag all this time because I feel like MC (excuse the obnoxious attitude here) is so 3 years ago :rolleyes: . It's the only MC piece that I own, so I am thinking that if I have never worn it, does this mean that I will probably never end up wearing it? What do you guys think about this style?
  2. I love it I disagree with MC being old it is still really popular and they are bringing out new styles frequently.

    If you've never used it obviously there is something about it that just doesn't do it for you, think about it carefully but if you don't love the bag maybe you should sell it.

    But I totally think it's a cute bag & love MC
  3. I love the Louis Vuitton Multicolor line
  4. the MC line is fab i think. the leonor however is i think for specific tastes so if you aren't drawn to using it anymore, you should sell and buy something else in the MC pattern. i don't think it's "dated" necessarily but if it's not a style you love to use, then get something for everyday for your use.
  5. :yes: Whatshesaid :wlae:

  6. I agree:yes: :yes:
  7. i think it's beautiful, u should wear it if u like the style!
  8. Thanks for everyone's posts, I do love this bag but I feel that it is too young for me. I am more into sophisticated non-canvas LE bags - like the Suhali, Vienna and Olympe collections. The only canvas monogram bags that I own other than this Leonor is the Manhattan and monogram luggage. I used to work for LVMH and I was so crazy that I would just buy up anything that was available to employees - luckily I love most of the bags that I did buy, but this Leonor is the only one that I never got any use out of.
  9. I would sell it and buy something that you'd love and use! But I don't think MC is out of date!!!!!
  10. I agree with Label.
    Guess I'm taking it old school, LOL. Planning to purchase my first MC next Friday!
  11. I love the MC line and would totally wear this bag. If it is not your style though, there is nothing wrong with selling it to get something you would use, especially if you have never used it and it has been 3 years.
  12. I love MC but not this particular bag, if you like it you should totaly wear it tho !
  13. I'm not a big fan of MC, and have yet to see a bag and fall in love with it. If you aren't in love with it after all this time...well....maybe it should make way for something else that you love better..
  14. I think that is the cutsest MC ever!! You should wear itand see how you feel about it!
  15. You have great taste! The Suhali, Vienna and Olympe are some of my favorite collections from LV!

    I wouldn't say the Leonor in MC is too young for you... in general the MC line is 'louder' and if you don't like it you can certainly sell it to fund for another LV piece you will really love!