MC Koala wallet, white or black


white or black

  1. white

  2. black

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  1. I am going to get a MC koala wallet. I like white more but am afraid of color transfer,rub off and getting dirty. Which one would you pick?
  2. i've always liked the white better than the black, so i say white!
  3. I love white mc so much. But I think the Koala wallet looks stunning in black.
  4. I personallly also like the white MC. So white is my choice as well!
  5. I always prefer white MC. JMO!
  6. I :heart: both Black and White MC. So it is always a toss up for me.

    Since summer is here, I would go for the White. :biggrin:
  7. I like the look of the white better but I am like you I would be too afraid of color transfer and it getting dirty so I would get the black
  8. Thank you everyone.

    Is there anyone here who has a white MC wallet and find it hard to take care of?
  9. I love black MC! And I think that the Koala looks great in black MC.
  10. I have a white mc pti, wapity, ipod case and cles. I haven't had any color transfer problems on any of them.
  11. umm. koala i would say white. i want a MC wallet too, but i think mine will be black. i want either the snapped billfold or the porte tresor and i think they look better in black than the koala does because of the vachetta. plus i have a white mc cles and both black and white mc bags so i was thinking about going with a black one. i dunno though.
  12. i prefer mc in black!
  13. I received the white MC koala for my christmas gift from bf. Even though it was stunning, I returned it for a mono koala because I was too worried that it would get dirty and I would have to stress out about it. I am glad that I did exchange it, because since I had the wallet, I had a lot of water leak on it in a bag (the MC koala light leather lining would have been ruined!), a lipgloss exploded in my purse, and I found out that my damier speedy red lining bleeds a little. Luckily my mono koala still looks like new! So for that reason I would probably get the black.
  14. I am a big black MC fan... my vote goes towards black MC.
  15. same here