MC Koala wallet, white or black

white or black

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ooh let me see!
Dec 24, 2006
umm. koala i would say white. i want a MC wallet too, but i think mine will be black. i want either the snapped billfold or the porte tresor and i think they look better in black than the koala does because of the vachetta. plus i have a white mc cles and both black and white mc bags so i was thinking about going with a black one. i dunno though.


Feb 3, 2007
I received the white MC koala for my christmas gift from bf. Even though it was stunning, I returned it for a mono koala because I was too worried that it would get dirty and I would have to stress out about it. I am glad that I did exchange it, because since I had the wallet, I had a lot of water leak on it in a bag (the MC koala light leather lining would have been ruined!), a lipgloss exploded in my purse, and I found out that my damier speedy red lining bleeds a little. Luckily my mono koala still looks like new! So for that reason I would probably get the black.