MC Keepall 45 / Mini Lin Saumur XL / Mini Lin Saumur Diaper Bag

  1. My very 1st post in this forum and im totally awed by you ladies/gentlemen!

    Im thinking of purchasing one of the above for my birthday and was hoping to get some comments which bag would be most suitable for work? I have a Reporter GM but its rather big and can't put much stuff without weighing down on my poor shoulders, so using it as a weekend casual bag.

    I had wanted to get the Men's Summer 07 Bequai Valise but alas its only for hand carry, the SA at the boutique say I can try my luck when he saw my built , I should be able to use it as a shoulder bag, unfortunately it looks really awkward! But the Valise is really a BEAUTY~!

    Which one should I get?
  2. The bag that would be most suitable for work from those three choices: Mini Lin Saumur XL. The MC Keepall is more for travel, and the Mini Lin Saumur Diaper bag is just that... ;)

    Welcome to the PF! :party:
  3. ha! thanks for your reply! Hmmmm I saw the diaper can be carried on the shoulders, don't quite look like a diaper bag if you don't put baby's bottle at the side. Was wondering if it would look good on an androgynous looking guy?

    The keepall 45 with shoulder strap, can be used as a sling bag can stuff lotsa things!

    Darn, having a dilemma deciding!
  4. The thing is, the MC Keepall doesn't have the leather pieces on the sides for a strap... and it's not recommended to hang the strap from the hardware that holds the handles... :s
  5. Sorry, im referring to the Keepall 45 with shoulder strap.
  6. Gotcha. An alternative and more structured bag is the Carryall. ;)
  7. Oh yes! How can I missed that one out!? Any idea if the Carryall can be used on the shoulder? Would be good if there's pic to show.
  8. definitely saumur XL, mc is a little to flashy for work. (well. depending what your job is :biggrin:)
  9. i love the mini lin diaper bag! saw the pink one on sat and thinking of getting it for travelling usage. its doesnt look like a diaper bag if you dun put the milk bottles in. Hmm.. just wondering what would be think if they see me carrying that?
  10. Just checked out some pics posted by tpfers here that the Carryall cant be carried on the shoulders. So I guess its out.

  11. Fairladyz : Any idea how much is the mini lin diaper bag?
  12. in Singapore its SGD 3050, tat works out to about USD 1980.
  13. Anyone here who owns a Mini Lin Saumur XL or a MC Keepall 45 with Shoulder strap (sling across the body) and would be able to pose for me carrying your bags?

    Esp the Mini Lin Saumur XL, would appreciate if it can be adjusted to use as a sling/messenger bag and shoulder bag?
  14. Anyone have pics or who have modelled with the above bags can help?
  15. me with my mc keepall by far the best bag out of your choices! the other 2 dont even compare to this