MC Black Speedy 30 or a Beverly GM??

  1. Hi everyone!!
    So I'm trying to decide if I should pick up a Mc Black speedy or get a Beverly Gm. I have a lot of the Multicolore line, so I'm wondering if I should go with the classic monogram this time. Please help!! Thanks :smile:
  2. not that this will make your decision any easier, but this season LV is coming out with an MC beverly.
  3. omg, are you serious? That would be so great, I love the MC line.
  4. Beverly GM!
  5. Since you already have some MC's ... maybe you should go with the Beverly GM. I like that style ... I prefer the MM.
  6. Is the Gm too large to carry as an everyday bag? I'm only 5'2 so I don't want to look ridiculous. I was able to pull off the Aurelia Gm without looking silly. As far as the speedy multicolore, I'm starting to think that the bag has a little "too much going on" with the brass corners. I dunno... :confused1:
  7. I think the MC Speedy would look funny if it only had the pocket in the front and no brass hardware corners. :s

    Hmm... I would go for the Beverly MM. Perhaps you can try both sizes on at the boutique?
  8. I would go for the Black MC Speedy.... or wait for the MC Beverly! I love love love the multicolor line so I'd get anything MC :smile:
  9. I'd pick the Black MC Speedy or the Mono Beverly MM (not GM). :yes:
  10. I think the Beverly GM will work great as a daily bag. That's the only one of the Beverlies with 2 handles, right? I saw someone at Target with one and it looked wonderful!
    I'm on pins and needles to see the MC Beverly......I'm so into the MC right now!
  11. MC Beverely - this bag will be gorgeous! The GM is pretty big, but I do like the bag. So either MM or GM in black mc!
  12. omg, get the black MC speedy, you can't go wrong.
  13. Ok so I'm getting pretty psyched over the MC black beverly. Does anyone have any photos of it possibly?? I just dying to see it!! And has it been confirmed as a perm yet... cuz I'm on a purse ban till my birthday in July :sad: