MC Alma ?

  1. I want to know if all the mc alma that LV produce , do they all have the same colors in the pattern or every single one is different in in their own way. I noticedon some alma purse LV logo colors are different than others.
  2. Well, the color pattern on the fabric is the same but each bag may use a different portion of that fabric so the color patterns on each individual bag can vary.

    Did I explain that okay!?! Someone else can probably do a better job! LOL
  3. The canvas is cut in different places each time, therefore the color combination you get will slightly vary from everyone else, but your bag will be authentic nonetheless. Therefore you'll get to pick which color sequence you like the most...
  4. How many colors are there in the MC ?
  5. There are 33 colors.
    Found this on om*goddess' ebay page:
    "*Some awesome MultiColore tips submitted by orchids13:
    "One of the best ways to distinguish the real ones from fake ones is to familiarize yourself with the 33 colors on the MC bag...the order of the colors is always the same for each ROW of LVs, although different rows appear on different bags so that each bag may not have the same exact order or colors showing on the face.
    Here are the main color schemes for the LV rows on the white Multicolor items. All appear on a continous line:
    1) Fuschia, Hunter Green, & Black
    2) Mustard yellow, berry pink, and royal purple
    3) Navy blue, chartreuse yellow, and turquoise/aqua
    The little pocket on the outside of the MC Speedy may disrupt this flow since it's a new piece of material that makes up the pocket, but the two colors on the pocket will always fit in with this flow (i.e., bright pink will exist with either green or black)."