1. Hello lovely ladies.. question about the "Turnlock bowler" not to be confused with the "Heidi bowler".. Did this regular bowler ever come in Crodvan red or was it just in Firebird?? Thanks!
  2. I believe the only red it came in was firebird. The season of cordovan (red) [Fall 07] came after the bowler had been discontinued...though it's back for Spring 08. I posted this elsewhere, but I learned from an MbMJ sales rep that the new colors will be:
    Earth (brown)
    Midnight (drk navy)
    Grass (bright green)
    Hope this helps:smile:
  3. Ooooh!! Dark Navy?? I'm so excited!! Thanks a million for this info!
  4. You can check out the color of Dark Navy on marcjacobs.com. It seems to be a pretty midnight blue on the site at least. :flowers:
  5. Hey, it just came in Firebird. BTW, I love your collection!