MBMJ Softy Zip Clutch in Poppy ... Pics

  1. She arrived! I love her, she's so cute and I'm really impressed by how the leather feels!

    She looks definitely more red then orange to me.

    A pic of the interior:

  2. Congrats!! Poppy is a great color!
  3. Adorable, love the color & the inside is just like a ZC, nice & roomy - congrats!
  4. Aww! Congrats! She is cute!
  5. Congrats! It's prettyyy! :heart:
  6. Very cute! Congrats!!
  7. Great color congrats
  8. Ooh, she's beautiful! That wallet style is so cute :smile:
  9. gorgeous!!! where'd you buy it from??
  10. Such a cute ZC, and I'm in love with the poppy color. Congrats!
  11. Shopbop, I'm very pleased with their service!
  12. do you mind me asking how much they were?? i think you said they were on sale too...which is a great deal...i'm thinking of getting a zip clutch in the patchwork red, but this is very nice.... anyone know if they're in the same color?
  13. YAY!! I am so glad you like it! I LOVE the grey one I bought. MJ makes awesome everything!! I love that color too! Enjoy it!
  14. This one wasn't on sale, it was $168. But with the cheap dollar for me I still consider it a good deal for such a practical and roomy wallet.
  15. thank you for this post, i saw at eluxury that is was orange, definately looks red. i really wanted the orange one.