MBMJ Resort 2007 bags up on Zappos.com - Rose, Indigo Lovely Aline!

  1. Just a few bags are up, but still very exciting! I love that Rose color.
    8246-509163-t.jpg 6219-509164-t.jpg
  2. Thanks for posting! I have been waiting to see more of the resort bags.
  3. My friend just got the Rose color today from Zappos and it's GORGEOUS IRL!
  4. I really like the Lovely Aline and Lovely Luz
  5. :heart::tup:
  6. I really liked the antiqued gold h/w on mbmj bags. =/
  7. I love the colors! I also like the Lovely Lily and the Color Block Double Pocket. Does anyone think they will make Dr. Q in those colors?
    colorblock.jpg lovely.jpg
  8. I see they made the "Lovely Clutch" in Rose now too!

    I am so glad I waited when it first came out, and all I could find it in was Stone.
  9. Also, my Nordies has a lot of stuff in the Verde color, I saw it the other day.

    It's GORGEOUS. Really, my husband had to literally drag me away.
  10. I think the Lovely Lily is GORGEOUS!