Maybe we should...

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  1. ...have an area of the board where we really need people NOT to cheer us on in our bag quests and obsession! We're all too nice and supportive (don't get me wrong, it's great!!). If there was a designated place where people say "No, don't do it"....or, do our respective family members/friends and significants other serve that purpose?
  2. The best thing to avoid the addiction would probably be to avoid this site as that is what everyone here loves and is obsessed with. Maybe overspenders anoymous?
  3. hehehe! :shame:
  4. I think this site is having the opposite affect on me...because everyone has been making such great recommendations, it's hard to decide on a bag to purchase! No chance to overspend because I want it all, but can't have it all!!! If anything, since I've joined, I've purchased less - only 2 bags, and both were on eBay.
  5. I dont think we need that section :biggrin: There should just be another place for that, the bag addiction needs to grow here :lol:
  6. Leave it all alone! I love sharing information and receiving it a few times all information shared has been helpful for me. We all need to know our limitations and what we want to hear from others.
    Example...if you don't want to hear yes or no...don't ask:amuse:
  7. That is so funny.:lol: Since I found this site, I have been so busy on it. I havent been out shopping for purses. Although, I did just buy my Balenciaga on e-bay:shame: . Does that count?:weird:
  8. I feel like since joining the conversations here, I've gone through an initial period of wanting everything, then trying and returning several bags, and in the last couple of weeks have evolved a much stronger sense of my own style and what works for me. I can enjoy admiring certain bags without necessarily wanting them NOW (and some, ever). I can enjoy others' enjoyment of their bags, if that makes sense.
  9. That makes perfect sense, because that is how I feel. I love it when people share their new purchases and post pictures of them - it's kind of like, by extension, you are the one who just got the new bag. The excitement is so much fun!
  10. I completely relate! I have learned so much....