maybe it was my volume

  1. so i'm absolutely slammed at work today. one of my clients came way late for something. she was really nervous i was going to be mad- which i wasn't. anyway, as i'm outside in my waiting room talking to her i realize she;s wearing a brown quitte ou with a ph elephant. to which i yelled "shut up with your hermes necklace!" my boss comes out and was like omg you see how her demeanor changed when she saw your hermes necklace. omg i was mortified. lol. but seriously i was so excited to see it. then she and i talked hermes for a while. so nice to have someone irl to talk to about it....
  2. At least you kept your hands to yourself.... I think you deserve a raise...

    ( I have this vision of H as Elaine from Seinfeld pushing someone across the room)
  3. um, i fondled the necklace.
  4. well forget it then...

    you have no control...

    I am ashamed for you....


    I am.....


    Did she ask you to take your hands off her pachyderm?
  5. LOL, H. I was laughing over your "shut up" phrase. I know alot of American girls use it all the time, but try it in Asia. You would most certainly get a different reaction.
  6. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. What a funny, wonderful story!
  9. Hilarious!
  10. Great story hlfinn! It's fun to run into an Hermes Sister!!

    I nearly accosted a woman who had a Chanel shopper that I had been lusting over. Gushed and gushed over her fabulous handbag. She liked me so much that she let me try it on!
  11. it's ok. i was ashamed for me too. lol.

    she most certainly did NOT ask me to stop touching her pachyderm and i resent the implication.

    tee hee.
  12. Too funny!!
  13. It is like we're part of a club lol!!
  14. YES!!!!!!! :roflmfao:

  15. Well, at least you both enjoyed it then. The least you should have done was take her out to dinner first, you know.

    Wait for two days before you call her though or else she will think you are desperate....

    Did she ask you for a cigarette afterwards?