Maybe a silly question--but do you deck out in all Chanel for a Chanel trunk show??

  1. I am going to my first one on Thursday, but is it ridiculous to wear Chanel bag, shoes and pearls??
  2. yes and no!

    I saw a few gals all decked out, but most were not.
    BUT, Texas is pretty casual anyhow.
    I wore a bag but had on dressy cuffed bermudas and a ruffly button up blouse.
  3. want to add, I think Chanel accessories, even all 3 would be perfect:yes:
  4. Eh, I think it depends on the kinds of accessories you have. The bag and pearls would be great but if your shoes have the big CC's on them, I personally wouldn't. If they're more subdued, then rock them.

    This is just my .02 though! ;)
  5. i'd say wear whatever makes you happy! The trunk show isn't really a show's samples of items you can try on for the upcoming season. Enjoy!
  6. I've been to a few Chanel trunk shows in Beverly Hills, and it really is no big deal what you wear. I saw a few ladies wearing Chanel head-to-toe, and I saw some who were uber-casual with zero designer duds on. So just wear what makes you comfortable and happy, and have fun!

    -Stephanie (pond23)
  7. Hi I dress like I always do my credit card speaks for it's self (lol)
  8. I don't. I just wear what something other than my shleppy "mom staying at home today" outfit. I always have my Chanel bag on me though. But I would anyway, lol.
  9. cHANEL SHOES, bag and pearls would not be ridiculous at all, wear what makes you happy, and wear it well......enjoy the trunk show, it is so much fun, buy or not!!!!!:tup::heart:H
  10. Wear whatever you want.