Maybe a deep breath is in order?

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  1. :heart:Hi everyone!

    I have been reading this forum for a while, but only recently started posting. I have to say I absolutely love this forum because, really, no one gets the purse obsession if they don't have it! ;) I definitely have spotted some kindred spirits. I thought I was the only freaky one out there! :P

    That said, maybe a deep breath is in order. I seem to have noticed ( and maybe it's me) a kind of underlying nastiness with some posts lately. People calling other people "idiots", etc. and it seems a little harsh and unnecessary.
    I also have noticed people being kind of mean about other brands, maybe not as "luxurious" as LV, but still loved, no doubt, by their owner. Not everyone knows about designer purses; that doesn't make them an idiot or any less valuable of a person than someone walking around with a Louis on their arm.
    I understand people say mean things about bags being fake, etc. within earshot, and that is wrong, but they are just words, in the end. I think with all the craziness and tragedy going on in the world on a minute by minute basis, someone thinking our bag is fake, or putting sheets on our bag, or whatever injustice our poor Louis is facing, it is pretty miniscule in the big picture, and maybe not worth the level of outrage being expressed. A little perspective may be in order.....Just a thought. :heart:
  2. I agree that there has been a little undercurrent of nastiness in some posts. I really think that it just stems from many new members and just feeling their way around. It will probably settle back down in a bit when some members realize that rudeness is not well tolerated here and lighten up. Of course, some people are just mean spirited and don't have ANYTHING pleasant to say at any time and they will eventually be sent packing.
    I come here for relaxation and I don't need the drama of "brutal honesty" that reeks of immaturity and meanness; if I want that I'll go to a different board! :smile:
  3. If you come across a post/comment that seems nasty or offensive please report the post so we can look into it. :smile: The PF is like any group of people anywhere in the world, most are nice but some are not so nice....we try our best to moderate the not so nice ;)
  4. You all do a great job! :heart:
    I just noticed "idiot" being thrown around kind of alot lately, and just kind of an hostile, mean tone in some posts. Maybe not overtly offensive, just off-putting, if you know what I mean.
  5. I agree. But fakes are really against the law and it upsets many of us, including me. But do I think I am better for any handbag I carry not really. It is a purse.

    But since this a forum about handbags and not political/global issues that is what people will talk about. But the meanness needs to chill.
  6. You said it all Sweet Lime! Thank you for pointing this out! I agree :smile:
  7. I agree. How do you go about reporting a post that is rude?
  8. I must agree with everything you said sweet lime. Thank you for saying it!
  9. :goodpost:I have always been turned off by rude people, snobs and excessive negativity. It brings the mood down and kills the joy in a place. I read posts all the time about how a bag made in China is just so bad. What about everything else that comes from there? Is it all bad too? I understand that places like France and Italy are well respected for their legacy of good craftsmanship/workmanship and that is perfectly fine. But, why bash China and other places. If I had a problem with something being made somewhere, then I would choose not to buy it- not trash talk yet continue to purchase. :confused1:

    And the excessive bashing of the C***H brand is ridiculous IMO. I'm tired of reading about it and NEVER comment on the threads. If you don't like it, then don't buy it. But, why rant and bash something that does not affect you?

    I also think that a lot of the rudeness is from some (not all) younger adults on the forum who may not realize how their comments may sound to others.

    All in all, I'm not that bothered by any of this b/c I will always just move to the next thread when someones post annoys me. TPF is too great to alloy a few people to ruin my fun here :supacool:
  10. :goodpost:
  11. Unfortunately I have to agree that during couple of months atmosphere here at LV forum hasn't been so nice and warm that it used to be (fe. what it was when I started posting a few years ago).

    But then again, it's up to us ladies and gents. It's our mission to make it work again :flowers:. (and of course most of the posts are still as friendly as always)
  12. I agree there has been a lot of rudeness by not just new members, but by existing long term posters.

    A lot of threads you see long term members jumping down the throats of newbies. Newbies dont know any better. Its not an excuse, but they need time to adjust into the forum. Theres no need to scare them off or intimidate existing members to just read and never post for fear that someone is going to go all ":rant:" on them

    We all have a passion here that we want to share it so lets just all get along.
  13. I agree. I have been noticing the nastiness in some posts the last few days and I'm glad someone posted this topic. Thank you.
  14. To report a post:

    Look at the post, go to the left hand side and you will see a red ! you click that you can report.
  15. I :heart: Coach, wheverever they're made :P. There, that helps to offset it. This is me being proactive :yahoo: