May go to SCP today. Anyone wanna meet up?

  1. Won't be until 3 or 4ish in the afternoon. PM me if you're interested in doing some window shopping....
  2. would that i could:flowers:....but, i'd prob have to do some buying ,:graucho: not just looking...i hear it eases jet lag....:p
  3. yeah I use the term "window shopping" very loosely....:graucho:
  4. Wish I was close enough :smile: Now that I am feeling better, I am happy ;)

    Have a good time!

  5. glad to hear it!:flowers::heart:

    and I-- i figured as much...have fun and be sure to share what you do decide to get!;)
  6. well, that was a bust! didn't end up going afterall. had to pick up a bandmember for hubby at the train station and it completely cut into my time frame....arg. still planning to go soon though so stay tuned!
  7. Got lazy didn't ya? Haha. I know how that is..
  8. oh yeah? well next time I'm dragging your butt out there with me!
  9. wish I lived closer!LOL!...Id sooooooo be there!

  10. Oh, I will go! I saw the pics of you in Hawaii! You rock!
  11. ^^^sorry but I will be fully clothed when shopping - you perv! :lol:
  12. Dang, oh well, I will still go!! When I can get a day off, that is...
  13. ^^^ you got my number.....:tup:
  14. Yeah, the one from the, I have your cell..and you have mine ya skank.
  15. who you callin' skank, ho?