May 2007 Elle p. 304 Cloud Bag? prototype?

  1. Does anyone have this issue????

    I don't have a scanner. P. 304 there is a cloud bag....but it has a chain handle....looks like a Stratus PM...but with a different handle.

    Is this a prototype??? Because if memory serves me correctly...the Stratus PM has 2 handles, right?
  2. Cirrus?
  3. ooohhhhh maybe.....not sure if I've seen a pic of the Cirrus. I'll do a quick search.
  4. DOH!!! It is the Cirrus....I"m such an idiot!!
  5. Gorgeous, the detail work is amazing on that bag:drool:
  6. It looked so huge on the skinny little model....I thought it was a bigger bag than the Cirrus.
    UGH ignore me.....shoulda checked before posting like a fool LOL
  7. It is gorgeous.....I'm trying to picture the seems the same as the Stratus PM....but size-wise...I wonder what it is equivalent to?
  8. ohhh post the photo. I dont get any mags. Wish I did!
  9. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner :sad: I'm sure someone out there does!
    The model looks great carrying it though...she dressed casually in shorts and a top...rocking the cloud bag!
  10. I wanna see the magazine pic. I dont think much of the bag. Just love seeing LVs in magazines! lol
  11. the size is comparable to the suhali L'Ingénieux PM
  12. i love the cloud bags! i drool so much when i see the pics here!
  13. Did you ever get yours, J? Or decide against it??
  14. Shoot...that's one bag I've never tried on :sad:
    I tried on the Stratus GM and it was ginormous....I wish there was an MM size. The thing I like about the Cirrus is that it is only one handle as opposed to the two big handles on the Stratus.