Mautto or MCraft for Crossbody Strap? Help!

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  1. Hello, everyone. I recently purchased a beautiful pre-loved LV Trouville handbag. It's gorgeous, and since it's pre-loved I don't have any anxiety about carrying it and worrying about wear and tear, even though I'm careful with my bags. I thought a bag with handles would work for me, but after only carrying my new-to-me Trouville for a month, I've come to realize that I really need to make this a crossbody bag for hands-free ease. I wanted a genuine LV Mono strap, but they are too rare and hard to get new, plus the cost is almost half of what I paid for the bag! Here's my question; Mautto or MCraft.......or, someone else I'm not aware of? What width? How long? (I'm 5'2"). I was sold on the MCraft adjustable vachetta strap, but they no longer sell it. Any advice, reviews and recommendations are appreciated! Thanks. IMG_20190103_120710362.jpg
  2. mcraftleather as they look like LV straps. You can message her what you need and she sometimes will create a custom listing.
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  3. For a vachetta strap, I would definitely go with Mcraft. They will customize the length for you.
    And for this bag, I would do the thicker strap, which I think is 20mm
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  4. Definitley Mcraft. I find they look almost identical to LV. Mautto not so much, a bit cheap looking
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  5. Totally agree
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  6. I vote mcraft for certain. They’ve done a custom strap for me and it is beautiful and perfect. Their leather patinas the same as LV, too.
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  7. Question.. I just ordered a custom length strap. Haven’t received it but my credit card was charged. I’m waiting to pay bill as strap supposed to be shipped at end of week. Do they usually charge card before shipping?
  8. I think with Etsy they do. Must stuff is handmade so people want the money up front. It took them a loooooong time to make and ship my custom strap. Several weeks, but worth the wait. Ships from IL somewhere so it came to me quickly once shipped.
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  9. Thank you. I wanted an extra shoulder strap not crossbody for favorite in azur so ordered one. The chain that’s on the bag is pretty shirt and fragile. I like the crossbody it came with but I prefer a shorter shoulder carry.