Mauboussin Fou de Toi or Chance of love?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I am checking out some jewellery and would like some opinion to see which is a nicer piece. Very hard to choose.

    1) Mauboussin Fou de Toi necklace in smoky quartz and rose gold. Picture as below.

    2) Mauboussin Fou de Toi ring in smoky quartz and rose gold.

    3) Mauboussim Chance of love ring in diamond.

    Such a difficult choice. Anyone know if Mauboussim quality for diamond and smoky quartz is good?
  2. Looks like a really tough choice... Both necklace and ring are beautiful. No idea about the quality - I have never had anything nut perfume from this brand.
  3. Realize I miss out on the 2nd ring attachment.
  4. I vote for the pendant or the chance of love ring. The ring is BEAUTIFUL though and would make a nice understated piece for everyday :smile:
    Do you wear more PG or WG stuff?
  5. I have a number of white gold pieces but a number of people said I look nice with rose gold. So thinking of getting rose gold. The rose gold and smoky quartz combination look nice and it seems to be a popular fad these days. But it does look a little dull?
  6. I LOVE the chance of love ring! so pretty!
  7. Prefer the rose gold with quartz coz the chance of love diamond is not sparkling enough.
  8. Oh Ic. Have not seen the real one before.
    Only know that it is grade H. Maybe that why. Thanks for highlighting that. :smile: