Matte Gold Reissue Turnlock - Photo included, reassurance please!

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  1. Hello Chanel experts!!

    I need your opinion please. Hubby & I bought this for my birthday :smile: It's my first reissue - black distressed leather with gold hardware. It's brand new with tag purchased from Nordstrom & not yet used. In fact, I watched as the SA opened the box in front of me :smile:

    Here's my question, is it normal for the turn lock to scratch off the matte gold? If you see in the photo, there's a slight horizontal line. That line is now shiny gold. Does this happen to all bags with matte GHW?. The SA said this is bound to happen & we purchased it exactly like you see here (meaning I didn't make the scratch.) See where there's a horizontal line?

    Thank you for your help & opinion!!

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  2. That happened to my reissue matt ghw exactly! Shortly after I used it. At first, I was kindof bummed, but after a while I find that it doesn't bother me anymore. This is unavoidable, especially when we open the turn lock and I guess the friction caused it. Moroever I think it adds more character to the vintage looking hardware.
  3. Same for me! It was already this way when I bought it since I got the display ex (I wanted a 226 but they only had a 225 so I got it. There's no Chanel boutique in my country, and I just couldn't leave Cannes without my first Chanel bag ;) I love it :heart:)

    I've attached a picture of what mine looks like, and have looked like all along (since buying it in June; have used it about every other day since).

    It doesn't bother me at all. It would kind of defy the laws of physics if nothing happened! And better a scratch than a sloppy turnlock :smile: Hope this helps!

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  4. When I bought mine I noticed the same thing, initially I was kind of cross with myself for not being gentle enough, but hey, it's still a gorgeous bag! I still go gaga whenever I see pictures of the reissue on the forum :smile: Enjoy your bag, it is more hardy that it looks!!
  5. Thanks for posting about this. I am in the midst about deciding whether to buy a reissue and many of the ones I've seen recently have this scratch and it has bothered me that it looks worn. I know that that's the point of the reissue but I can't help but feel bothered by it.

    Is this common will all reissues or just the recent ones?
  6. Thank you all for your comments! I feel better knowing that this is bound to happen with the turnlock. But, it does bother me a bit that I bought it this way. I should've been the first to make the scratch, ya know?