Matte Croc Colours?

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  1. There seems to be more and more matte croc around lately (relatively speaking of course) and I wonder what colours people have seen.

    I refer here to the "pop" colours for lack of a better term - violette, orange, amethyst, bleu roi, braise - do you ever see the big H colours in matte croc or only glazed?
  2. I have a matte blue sapphire that I have never seen in another bag.

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  3. That color is (in the words of the immortal Patsy Stone) FABULOUS! :drool::drool::love:
  4. Oh CDL, you bad girl! That color is super gorgeous!!!
  5. wow... gimme that blue saphir baby!!!
  6. Now THAT'S what I'm talking about!

    Thanks CDL... if only it were a 30 ;)
  7. CDL, that color is stunning. :smile:

    I know Black comes in Matte Croc.. (easy, I know!)


    :wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf: *thud*
  10. I've seen brighton blue in matte croc. Does that count?
  11. This is so gorgeous. :tup: I am not a blue person but this blue sapphire makes my heart beat faster. :P

  12. Well I *am* a bleu person ILML so it makes my heart stop!

    Almost :P
  13. WOW!!!!
  14. Anybody seen or heard of any others?

    Not the blacks, greys, browns - the pops!!
  15. *BUMP*

    What other drool-worthy colours are out there? :heart: