Matt Bomer

  1. OMG the boys are so sweet.
  2. the kid Matt is carrying is SO CUTE! well ok all 3 kids are cute. ok the whole family is! lol
  3. :cool: He also has a beautiful body! ;)
  4. He has beautiful everything. :smile: Seriously, this man is so perfect, it's seems unreal.

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    People are writing songs about Matt? Wow! :biggrin: I guess it means that he really made it, if people bother to write songs about him. ;) That song is so silly and hilarious. :lolots:

  7. AUGUST 13: Matt Bomer and his son Kit sighting in SoHo on the streets of Manhattan on August 13, 2012 in New York City.

    Source: GettyImages

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  13. Thanks for pics. :smile: BTW, this is Walker, not Kit.