Matt and Nat

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    I love this bag! It's by Matt and Nat. Has anyone checked out their stuff before?
  2. Never heard of them before, but that bag is really cute. Do they have a web site or did you find them another way?
  3. I've seen them in a couple of local boutiques. They're vegan (no leather), and every bag that I've looked at has nice organization. They have pockets for PDAs/cell phones, and magnetic key fobs so that you don't have to search for your keys! Why other companies don't offer the key fob is beyond me. The only reason that I haven't bought one is that I like smooshy leather bags.
  4. I always think their designs are great. If you want a vegan bag and don't want to pay Stella McCartney prices they're a good option.

    Luna Boston carries Matt and Nat and you can get a 25% discount with code luckybreaks3 until Sept. 30, or 20% with code grechen after that.
  5. Matt and Nat is great. I believe they're a Canadian company. They always make very cute vegan bags and accessories (sandals, wallets, etc.).
  6. I had a selection of them for a while but have sold them all. They were nice bags & there are some fans out there in eBay-land, when I was selling them, I was getting more & more requests for Matt & Nat bags.
  7. That's really cute!! Is it online? Any stores in NYC?
  8. I own a Matt and Nat wallet (the large Euro wallet in blue). Just love its casual style, great organization, and lots of people ask me about it.
  9. Shes very cute. love the crinkled look ;)
  10. that magnetic key fob idea just blew my mind. those guys are geniuses!
  11. I see these bags show up at my local TJMaxx a few times a year. They are nice bags, vegan, but they don't feel cheap at all.
  12. They sell them here at a local boutique in Delta, BC -- of course, they jack the prices up even though it's a Canadian company. x_x I never knew they were vegan, though -- isn't vegan leather a paradox? :p
  13. I normally browse through the bag sections of boutiques/dept stores I go to, picking up bags that draw my attention for a closer look and I have to say that I've picked up quite a few Matt & Nat purses/bags, so I guess their designs do attract my attention. I have yet to buy one though.
  14. I have a couple Matt & Nat bags that I use a lot. They're durable and great to carry when it rains. Since there isn't a store where I live that sells M&N, I usually order through Luna Boston because of the store's easy return policy and discount codes. The new Japanese paper faux leather bags look really cool in the photos. The company has a website, and there are some items currently on sale.
  15. Thanks for the code!