Matching scarves.........sos!

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  1. This morning while I was deciding what scarf to wear, I thought about some of the pics I'd seen in the past of French women wearing their scarves. Sometimes, the scarves they chose didn't match what they were wearing but somehow, the outfit just looked "right". KWIM?

    I tend to try to tie the scarf in to what I'm wearing and give it a lot of thought in order to do so. In fact today I chose to wear something a little more funky than my usual jeans and sweater. And what did I choose to wear with it? A plisse that matched!!!! :Push:

    I don't know where I'm going with this whole post but maybe it's some DO French women just toss on any scarf they grab or is it really thought out? OR do they just have one or two and that's what they wear over and over no matter what else they put on? And how do they get it so "right"? :shrugs:

    Beautiful French Ladies out there..........please help!!!!
  2. Do you have any pics of these lovely ladies?
  3. I'm going to try to find some when I get back home, ROSE.....I remember seeing them in some french fashion mags a while back which I love to browse through (wish I could read them!). And I thought, "How do they do this? How do they look so fantastically tossed together!".

    And then I was talking to the scarf SA in NM once and he was showing me some scarves and made a comment that "Franch womens nevairr match their scarves like Americain womens do" (he's French) and I've always remembered that.
  4. My French friends - all stylish in their own way - tend to have only a handful of well-chosen scarves that they just throw on without thinking. But their entire wardrobes are small (compared to some American wardrobes) and their pieces are selected to coordinate easily when thrown together as an ensemble.

    Sartorial insouciance is a real skill! (but apparently a French national characteristic)
  5. I was told by a French SA once that the scarf shouldn't be the color of my outfit, but MAYBE (heavy accented emphasis) have one tiny detail that is the same color as my tops or bottoms. For example, she said with my black sheath dress (I was wearing the Les Parisiennes scarf in the black colorway as an OBI belt thinking I looked GREAT) I should have chosen Fushia or someother unexpected shade. She said to go bold or else the scarf would just "disappear".

    We are very matchy matchy in America.
  6. ^^ You're right, gazoo, we are! And that works, too.

    But that's a good tip from your SA. It'll certainly broaden the number of clothes I can pair up with any given scarf!
  7. Shopmom, you always look tres chic and very French to me but it's an interesting thread, whenever I read about style icons, it's often Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, etc but for me it's 'Parisian women' lol. I suspect that their outfits are completely and utterly thought out to the last item but it's worn with insoucience and confidence. I think French women have fewer, expensive pieces that fit them perfectly and it's true, they never look matchy matchy but they look just right somehow, I think their training must start as young girls. It helps I think that they are very disciplined over their figures, says me munching through another bagel, lol.

    Gazoo - that is a great tip and I'll bear it in mind when I try and match up my scarves, I will try and mis-match the next few days and see how it goes.
  8. well the french don't care what they DO, actually, as long as they pronounce it properly.

    d, you need to worry about world hunger or some other weighty subject, because you always look terrific and REALLY don't need to stress over this. besides, you don't do the match-ey thing -- you do the complemetary thing, which is entirely different and much more sophisticated. that SA was just being french.
  9. D, you crack me up. I'm sure you're the best dressed person in Berkeley!
  10. Oh what do I do with all my black scarves??
    I am soooooo American.
  11. ^ wear them with white or tan capris and ballet flats!
  12. ^^good idea Greentea but all I wear is black, black, and black
  13. excellent advice that I need to take!

    but all my clothes are black... :graucho:
  14. D, the real facts are that French women neither dress better or worse than anyone else in the world, it's just because they're "French" that people believe that.

    It's a myth that keeps perpetuating as time goes on.
  15. ^^ I think for the most part that's right, GF. In addition, French (and Spanish, Italian and other European women, come to think of it) are raised cultivating a sense of what looks good on their bodies and that's their guideline; what's hot on the runway is generally secondary.