Match this Dress

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  1. Would anyone know what shoes i can wear with this dress?
    i was thinking of CL Lady Gres or something.... im clueless!
  2. posted in your other thread.
  3. Don't think you'd be short of CL options to match that beautiful dress. Could try any of the attached - Frescobaldi, Marilou, Python Privatita or VP Paillette. Might have trouble finding a Lady Gres in a complementary colour this season - I have a pair of Nude Satin LGs that would look beautiful but the colour was a limited edition and I don't know how easy it would be to get hold of :confused1:

    Or if the CLs aren't doing it for you, could try Zanotti?
    Frescobaldi.jpg Marilou.jpg Privatita.jpg VP Paillette.jpg Lady Gres.jpg
  4. Here's the Zanotti I was thinking of...
    Zanotti Pump.jpg
  5. I was thinking silver:
    like these by Cavalli
  6. I have to vote for the nude Yoyos or glitter No Prives if you can track them down.