Mat Willwood vs. Madeleine GM

  1. I'm planning to buy a LV tote for work/conference(I'm an academic) now. I love madeleine since it's very lowkey, but Willwood is really stunning. Which one do you guys think is better?

  2. madeleine is so classic but Willwood looks fun and those pockets will probably come in handy....for me, i'd choose the madeleine
  3. oh get the Willwood :nuts:! the Mat line has long been discontinued, so get it when you can. i have the Shelton and i LOVE it!
  4. I saw one during lunch today. The lady had a suit and the madeleine. Looked fab! I choose the madeleine!
  5. Definitely Willwood! I find the Madeleine kinda' boring but that's just me.
  6. Unless it's a very conservative branch of academia, I'd go for the Willwood any day. It's gorgeous!!
  7. definitely madeleine! its elegance is just stunning!
  8. willwood :smile:
  9. I'd go with willwood.
  10. I like the WILLWOOD better. :tup:
  11. willwood!
  12. Willwood, I love all the pockets!
  13. madeleine
  14. madeleine is really understated and nice. its got my vote!
  15. I like the madeleine ... very subtle and classy ... perfect work bag, imo.