martini key fob or charm??

  1. i turn 21 in a "few" months, not until november...
    but i was wondering if maybe there was a martini coach key fob or charm?
    b/c i think it would be a cute present idea for my boyfriend. :biggrin: if anyone knows, please let me know! and if anyone has one, could you post pics please?
  2. i haven't seen one, but maybe some of the other ladies have...
  3. Nope...but I would say, you never know what's coming... What about the dice charm?
  4. That is a super cute idea.
  5. There is a actual martini charm but its not Coach. I remember there was a thread talking about having some kind of charm just for the Coach tPF'ers after the tPF charms were made.
  6. well i have never seen a coach one, but this one from juicy co. is freakin' cute!:p