Marsala cooking wine or real Marsala wine?

  1. I am planning to make chicken marsala. Does it matter if I use the Marsala cooking wine that you buy in the oil/condiment section of the grocery store? Or should I buy the real Marsala wine in the liquor section? I once heard that you shouldn't use wine in cooking that you wouldn't drink. What do you all think?
  2. I have only used the real Marsala wine from the liquor store and it turns out great every time. I've never tried the other one.
  3. Don't bother with the grocery store stuff. blech
  4. I wouldn't bother with the cooking wine, I would use the real deal. It will give you the proper flavour.:yes:
  5. My husband makes great marsala (veal and chicken) and he adds a step.

    He reduces the sauce after adding wine, adds more wine and reduces again. The additional wine adds quite a bit more sweetness to the dish, but we love it.
  6. great, thanks all! I will definetly get the real thing. Carolinagirl73, thanks for the tip! I will try that!
  7. I've heard that cooking wines are junk to use in cooking. I used to watch a lot of Food Network lol.

    They said to never cook with a wine that you wouldn't drink. :yes:
  8. They add salt and other additives to "cooking wine" to make it undrinkable - why would you put that in your food? YUCK!