Marni bags?

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  1. Does anyone own a Marni bag? Or is anyone familar with their leather bags? If so, what do you think?
  2. I don't have it, but I like some design of its bags.

    You might search it in the search engine. There were few threads talking about this brand.
  3. I like the new big patent leather bags, which now in stores.
  4. I have a large leather one from last year and love it. My DD has wiped her hands and spilled food on it, and it actually cleaned up nicely--and it's a lighter color!! Is there a specific one you were thinking of?
  5. Its called balloon bag
  6. They aren't sold in many places near me -- only Saks and they don't have a huge selection. But I always find the designs interesting (but super expensive).
  7. I worked for Marni a little while ago, and now work for a store that sells their bags, and I have fallen in love with them. The new balloon bag is really cute! It comes in a bright patent red which I love.

    I do think they're really seasonal bags though, so if you buy one, you can guarantee it's going to date quickly. But if you don't mind that I think they're a really distinctive bag that stand out from the usual designer bags that everyone carries. I think I have a photo somewhere of the silver version of the balloon bag if anyone wants to see it? :yes:
  8. I love that bag!:heart:
  9. Oh do post pic....
  10. i have one marni in straw wicker bag with the birds patchwork. it's cute and i love it :yes:
  11. I like the new big patent leather bags
  12. a marni bag is on the list of things i really want to get. i have a few pairs of shoes but so far still no purse...
  13. I believe that nerdphanie just bought one. It modeled very well!
  14. like the bright red...that's cute