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  1. This really needs to finally be said CLEARLY and once and for all , because it seems like people are having the wrong impression what tPF is about.

    The Purse Forum is not a trading forum. It's a discussion forum, free to access and open to anyone who decides to join. A while back, we added the Marketplace as a privilege for our members because we wanted to provide alternative grounds for trading bags within the community. Ebay is filled with scammers, we wanted to do things differently and help people out. The Marketplace does not help us out, it helps all of you out - we don't get jack for doing it (Ebay charges a service fee)...

    We tried to make clear that the Marketplace worked on a buyer beware premise, still (especially recently) our mods, Megs and myself spent a great deal of time and energy answering PMs of disgruntled members whose transactions had gone wrong in some way. It is stated in the rules that we do not take responsibility for the transactions made on the Marketplace, the deal has to be cut off the board. This is not Ebay, we don't write you an invoice, we are not the ones to complain to when things go wrong. We don't say this because we don't care, but it becomes a liability issue if we do, and that is the last thing we wanted with the start of the Marketplace.

    I need to make clear that we will not allow any discussions on deals gone wrong on tPF. The feedback feature is there for a reason, it is there to warn others, should a transaction not have completed the way you expected it to. A buyer or seller is responsible for his own decision to engage in a trade with another member - to help make that choice, consult the feedback. Please do not email, or PM the admins or mobs with your complaints, deal with it off the board and give feedback accordingly.

    Seriously guys, we've spent countless hours in the past weeks trying to mediate, solve, coordinate MP issues. Enough of that. As I said, tPF is not a trading forum. It was born on the premise to talk about bags. The Marketplace is a privilege, not a right.

    We are seriously considering either closing the MP down, or making it invite-only for an exclusive circle of people. Might sound elitist, but we can't deal with the loads of work the MP imposes on us. There has been just so much drama involved with it lately, it takes up lots of our time which we don't have.

    Thanks and please understand where we are coming from.

    Vlad & Megs and the rest of the Mods
  2. Vlad, Megs and Mods,
    I totally understand and appreciate where you're coming from. I like to think of tPF as a community of friends first, not one of buyers and sellers. I come here to chat, try to buy retail, and when I've needed to sell something I regretably still sold on eBay because I've learned it can sometimes be tricky to do business with 'friends'. Still, I hope to participate in the MarketPlace someday for the right items under the right circumstances. If the MP becomes invite only I'd like to wave my hand to receive a pretty embossed invitation!! :love: Although I'd better get cracking on some feedback to deserve one :biggrin:
    Thanks again for all your efforts making this a fun place to be..... Blu
  3. I knew this was going to happen. I cannot imagine anyone contacting the mods or Vlad/Megs because of their deals gone bad. I for one value this feature and would be really pissed because a few newbies wrecked it. I personally hate to see people selling on the WTS who contribute NOTHING to the other areas of the boards. Folks you have another option...its called EBAY. Should you not like the way this forum is set up or how the marketplace functions...then go sell there. Oh thats right Ebay sucks...well then shut up and value what you have!!
    Can you tell I am getting mad! I personally think (I have said this before) that membership should be thru a referal process.
    Vlad and Megs I beg of you to be as strict as you can to insure that the WTS doesnt go away!! I fully support any choice you make and if I can help you at all please let me know.

  4. OH gosh I hope there are no longer issues with the Marketplace as I see it as such a privilege and would hate to see it go. It is THE best way to buy/sell most wanted bags without a hassle. Thanks Vlad, Megs and mods for everything! I can't imagine how much work it must be trying to maintain the Marketplace...on top of all the other site maintenance.
  5. I'm totally with you Selena - I hope a few won't spoil it for the many that love the Marketplace AND the PF site. I for one would be so upset to lose the privilege of buying from all the wonderful girls there :cry:

  6. That Vlad, Megs and all the mods.
    Honestly I love the Marketplace. I have found so many really nice things there and never had any problems.
    You guys have done a great job keeping this place so neat and you all have lives so can peopel please stop whining andif you don't like it, no one is forcing anyone to be here!
  7. Agreed. I haven't purchased from the WTS site, nor have I sold from it, but I hope it wont be ruined, so I can use it in ther future. I completely agree that in order to use the WTS you should utilize the other parts of the site. I appreciate all the work everyone around here does...I truly hope this will sto pcausing you guys a headache!!;)
  8. me too, i had the best experience w/ the marketplace. I would hate to see it go. thanks megs and vlad for all you guys do!
  9. As a newbie-I hear you loud and clear. I hope the marketplace stays and that the new rules help end some of the drama. Thanks!
  10. Geez, you know, why does everything great have to get screwed up? I for one would be dissapointed if the marketplace were to be shut down before I reach my month/75, but it wouldn't be the end of the world, because buying/trading is not why I am here. If it stays, maybe there could be a way to "earn" your way in, or possibly be "nominated" in by a longwithstanding PF member, or the mods or something.

    And shame on the folks for flooding the poor overworked mods with complaints about marketplace transactions gone a rye...what woud you expect them to DO exactly - start knocking on doors?
  11. I do agree with some sort of screening process for buying and selling. I consider myself fairly new here (only been here three or three and a half months) but I have been appalled by all the posts by newbies who are crying about not being allowed in the marketplace "Oh no! I have three weeks to go and there are five bags I want!!" We all know buying and selling handbags is something of an addiction for a lot of us, but these reactions seem extreme to me and the sheer number of them make me even gladder there are going to be some rules around here.

    But I do love the marketplace!
  12. Vlad & Megs & Mods - Thanks for all you do! I have been fortunate with the marketplace and would hate to see it shut down.

    I am still a fan of a membership fee to compensate you and Megs for your time and to also weed out those who look to take advantage of the sellers on the marketplace.
  13. I know I am probably going to get hate, pm's for this, but Vlad, I agree making the Market place available to a small circuit of certain people might be a really good idea. I would hate for it to dissapear completely.

  14. I would totally support a membership fee.
  15. I would also support a membership fee. This place is wonderful.
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