Marked Men (And One Woman)

  1. This week's Mug Shot Theatre features inked arrestees

    JULY 29--Not too many things spruce up a booking photo like a tattoo (or ten). Today's installment of Mug Shot Theatre features a collection of recent arrestees with little chance of ever seamlessly entering the witness protection program. From a devil to a Dodger (actually more likely a gang member), none are more fortunate than this guy, who--believe it or not--still has a head on his shoulders.

    Once again, I only posted my favorites, but you can see the rest here:
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. Couldn't miss him in a line up! (The first guy!)
  5. [​IMG]
  6. And they aren't even good tattoos!
  7. Lol...
  8. They are all terrifying looking....
  9. What is wrong with these people? Total nutcases.
  10. Show this to your children to turn them off from getting tats.
  11. This one will give me nightmares!
    I like the guy that has the tears tattoed by his eye too.
  12. I bet when they can't find jobs they sit around and complain about it, wondering what they did wrong, as if they didn't bring it upon themselves. Just a hot mess.
  13. this just makes me sad.....especially the woman because she's obviously a prostitute and probably got hers under intimidation. most of them are prison tats and sometimes those aren't exactly by choice (thinking specifically of the guy with the "cut here" on his neck and the gangster with the el diablo gang tattoos) you have to have them to stay alive...
  14. The mugshots will either put them off getting a tattoo, or they will teach them to think very carefully before settling on a design.
  15. These people come from a gene pool you don't want to swim in.