Mark cosmetics....Opinions please!

  1. Hey!
    I just bough a slew of Mark cosmetics. Does anyone here use them? If so, which ones? Like? Dislike? TIA!:smile:
  2. I sold Mark during college when it was first introduced. I kind of got bullied into it by a crazy Avon lady (long story), and it just wasn't my thing. But, I did get to try every single Mark product available at the time, which was AWESOME!

    I loved the shadows, blushes and lip glosses. I really liked the nail polish, accessories and fragrances. I wasn't as impressed with the mascara, liquid liner and foundation. Nothing was terrible, though. I liked everything I tried...

    The one product that really stands out in my mind is the blush in Kitten Glo. It was the prettiest sparkly pink. I loved it!

    If you have any questions about specific products, feel free to ask. They have a lot of new products now, but they still sell almost all of the originals. :smile:
  3. I really like the "hook up" lip glosses--they are creamy, not sticky, have a TON of colors, and they are tiny enough to fit in the coin pocket of your jeans! I tried their mascara-YUCK! What a big clumpy mess!
  4. I love mark's lipglosses!
  5. I actually am currently selling Avon and Mark products and so I have to admit that I don't wear their products 24/7 BUT I have yet to come across an item that I can't stand and that may cheaply made or whatever. My favorite is...well I can't think exactly of what it's called from Mark but it's comparible to Maybelline's lash stylistw/ the comb.