Marine 07 or Blueberry 06???


Marine 07 or Blueberry 06?

  1. marine 07

  2. blueberry 06

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  1. For those of you who have seen both marine and blueberry IRL, which do you prefer? I have seen both and love both! IMO, the marine is not a jewel-toned color as blueberry, but has a classier tone to it. They are very similar but also very different....the blueberry has brighter blue undertones whereas the marine could almost pass as blackish dark navy under certain lights. I LOVE BOTH but must choose one! :shrugs:

    The blueberry 06 that I am deciding between has the thinner, more crackly/shinier/veinier leather (which actually makes the blueberry prettier on this bag, but I am worried about how it will wear in the future!), while the marine 07 has the thicker, smoother, smooshier leather found in the newer leathers of this season (which I'm thinking will look even nicer as it ages!).
  2. I voted for blueberry! I love this colour! I just love BLUE!!! good luck on what you decide!
  3. I honestly don't think you can go wrong with either one! It may just come down to the hardware and what type of leather you prefer. I know I'm no help!
  4. I LOVE blueberry!:love:
  5. I will pick the blueberry because marine looks closer to black than blueberry. Blueberry is a little bit brighter than it's more "special" than marine. :love:
  6. I really like the Blueberry (I'm thinking of ordering the Work size from NM). It's such a striking color compared to Marine.;)

    I'd compliment you if I see you with a Marine bag but I will look at you twice (plus a couple more) if I see you with Blueberry, it's just got more personality to it.:wlae:
  7. ^ i agree, i have a blueberry day and i got alot of looks and compliments!
    blueberry.. and don't worry about the leather it will get better with use.
  8. Blueberry pie my oh my! :love:
  9. Still prefer a blueberry over marine
  10. Wow, close poll!

    I picked the Blueberry too :smile:
  11. I vote for Marine...the dark color will wear very well (no dark handles) and it's classy :smile:
  12. The blueberry is more interesting to look at and the leather on the B'berry is more veiny. It's a personal choice, but I like the sheeny, crackly looking veins.
  13. Thanks everyone who's replied til now!!! :love:

    It's tied between blueberry and marine! That doesn't help!!!!
    LOL! I think aarti is right to say I can't go wrong w/either! Please keep voting though...i have til tomorrow evening to decide!
  14. I vote Blueberry also!
    I like Marine, but Blueberry just pops!
  15. blueberry is spectacular!
    This is my one bag that really gets noticed, the veiny character almost gives it a patent leather quality sometimes! It changes with the light.