Marigold is it aka sunflower?

  1. I just got my beautiful marigold first bag, (will post pics soon) I called Bal in NYC and tried to order some extra tassels, they said they have not heard of marigold. Does anyone know the other name? Is it sunflower? Please help!

  2. You might want to mention that Marigold was from f/w 04. There was another yellow in the s/s collection of 04, so you want to make sure and differentiate between the two. The yellow from the s/s collection was lighter and brighter than the marigold color.
  3. Was Daphne the one you talked to? She told me the same thing, she said sunflower is bright yellow though :confused1: So I don't think it is the same color as marigold because marigold is somewhat golden :idea:
  4. My theory is that sunflower is spring summer 04 yellow and marigold is fall winter 04. The spring summer 04 yellow is bright with a tinge of neon green, kind of like this picture of a sunflower I found

    bal said it was called simply "spring summer yellow" but I have also heard of it referred to as sunflower. I called to ask for info about it when I was lucky to get a sunflower bag in the city size. Also sunflower has silver hardware. marigold is darker yellow and has brass hardware.

    Here is a pic of my bag (not the greatest pic but you get the idea)
    yellowbbag006.jpg - Image - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

    People talk about a "mustard" but I have never seen one IRL and and the SA at bal has said there were only two yellows and they didnt know of a third ( unless you count mastic which is a very light greyish yellow color).
  5. Oh just wanted to add that the mustard color may have originated from a bag nicole richie carried for a while but it was outed as a fake bag when the square bales were pictured. But I have not seen one and the SA I spoke with at BAL (can't remember if it was Sarah or Daphne) said they only knew of two real yellows. The ones that people are calling sunflower and marigold. There was also anis which was a cross between green and yellow and mastic a yellowish grey.

    If anyone does have a mustard bag I would love to see it!
  6. there is a thread discussing marigold, mustard and pumpkin and i think there may be pics which might be helpful