Marcie - Nordie Anniversary sale

  1. Yes, the Chloe bags were sold out online by midday yesterday. My store only had one black one that they were using as a sample for the style. My SA ordered me a nut one online. She called me last night to say they were concerned about online orders being fulfilled so she found me the nut bag in a store in Hawaii so she could confirm I would get one and then cancelled my online order. This will be my first Chloe bag, and I'm not thoroughly convinced it is my style but really like the colors and contrast so wanted to see it in person. I have no doubt that because so many people had to order them that some will be returned so more will be available later. Also, it is my understanding that Nordstrom doesn't release all their stock for early access so it is very possible that more of the Chloe items will be available when the public sale begins on July 20.