Marc Jacobs Venetia

  1. Hi everyone!

    I have an question about the Marc Jacbos Venetia bag.

    I really like this bag and I want to buy it.

    I have seen many colours and now I have seen it in white at the internet.

    But when I have look at the phots from Marc Jacobs I only see this bag in creme,black,silver etc. but not in white.

    Is it right that you can buy this bag also in white or is it a fake?

    Thank you so much.

    Lots of greetings
  2. I'm sure it came in white, but all I know is there are only a select amount of colours for each style on Even the brand new bags won't show all their colours sometimes.

    The Venetia is a classic and there have been many colours in the past. The new classics they might show on the website won't have everything ever made, and some old bags are available at like Neimans Last Call, etc.

    But are you thinking of the new metallic Patchwork Venetia?
  3. I'm sure white venetias existed too, I'm pretty sure it came in "Stark White" a couple years ago. I doubt, however, that you can buy a new white Venetia currently online. Most of those websites are fake, unless it is a reputable dept store like Neimans, Saks, etc. If you are interested in purchasing from a particular website, search the website's name in the forum, you may be able to learn more about it that way. Or, try posting the link in the "auth this" thread at the top of the MJ forum.
  4. I saw a white Venetia with gold hardware last month at the Nordstrom in Park Meadows mall in Colorado. Have you tried calling Nordstrom to see if they can transfer one in for you to look at?
  5. Hi....thank u all soooo much for helping.

    now i will try to get the venetia in white :smile:

    best wishes and thanks again