Marc Jacobs ON LINE

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  1. I just realized that the Marc page now has the spring/resort line up on the web. The year is listed as 06 but it is the new bags...maggie
  2. Thanks maggie, going to check it out now. How exciting, I had thought that they weren't going to list the resort bags at all.
  3. The year is correct.

    Resort 06 items are being sold in stores now, stores are still waiting for shipments for the last delivery. Style number from this season starts with C363xxx.

    Spring 07 items won't arrive until the beginning of 2007. Style number from this season starts with C371xxx.
  4. ^ The official site only shows a partial listing of styles/colors for each season.

    I noticed that items exclusive to MJ boutiques are never shown there.
  5. ^yes bag.lover, I was noticing the striping zip bowler isn't listed on the Marc site! I'm still crossing my fingers for that one!! :smile:
  6. It's true that a lot of items (not just the boutique exclusive styles) are not on the official site. For Fall 06's STRIPING line, only 2 (Hudson and Trish) out of 5 styles are shown; the missing ones are Zip Bowler, Bowler, and Slouchy Tote. Many thought that SOFT CALF Blake and Venetia are no longer made b/c they aren't listed there.

    Let me know if you decide to get ZB, I'll help you track it down. =)

  7. Hi..thanks Bag.lover. The reason I noted the date was that the last time I looked (in the last 2 weeks) they had the same year listed but they were the bags from last year resort including the orange satchel and perforated tote which I both purchased...I suspect the web was in process but I figured that if anyone else had looked and thought there was nothing they could go back and at least check some if not all of the bags. maggie
  8. Spring 06 and Resort 05 Bags used to be there, they are now removed. The site currently has Bags from Spring 07, Resort 06, and Fall 06. =) Would be nice if a complete listing is available online, looks like only half (my rough estimate, i didn't count of course) of the collection is listed. The Look Book (available at MJ boutiques) has much more information.
  9. hmmm look book..Wouldn't that be great on line. maggie
  10. I love MJ I cant wait to check out the site.
  11. You can ask your SA to send you the look book.
  12. My SA from Marc? Will they do that?? mags
  13. I've tried for two days to see the specifics on bags from the Resort 06 line but they won't fully load for me.:sad: Sometimes the MJ site irritates me!
  14. They would be willing to do extras for clients who often buy from them, just like allowing them to preview the items before buying (others can only exchange or get a store credit within 7 days of purchase).