Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Purse Help

  1. Hi guys- I got the Miss Marc purse today (I know a lot of people think this bag is ugly but I love it) and I was wondering if anyone knew what products to use for stain repellent? The bag is canvas - almost like an ivory color - with blue leather trim. I see tons and tons of info on leather cleaner but none on canvas. :sad: Any help would be fantastic as I live in Buffalo, NY and there is sometimes snow all the way until April and I can't wait that long to carry this bag!!! Thanks!
  2. I have this bag too and all I have to say is be careful when wearing it with dark jeans!! I didn't realize that when I wore some jeans, it rubbed off on the back side of the bag as I had it on my shoulder. (btw, those jeans weren't brand new jeans either and have been washed plenty of times)
  3. Ouch, I think canvas is hard to maintain. If anyone knows the answer, I'd like to know too! I think there is probably a product for protection, but for cleaning, I think taking it to a cleaner is the best bet.