Marc Jacobs LV DVD

  1. So there was a thread about the release of this DVD a few weeks back. It was released exclusively at yesterday Did anyone order it. I want to but have a feeling it will be in French. Does anyone know for sure?

    Very cool site BTW.
  2. I would love to get one.
  3. Maybe this will help you:
    Language Frans, Engels, Duits
    Run time 82 min
    Regio NTSC, all regions
    Aspect ratio 4/3
    Audio Dolby Digital Stereo
    Genre Special Interest
    One hour of unpublished footages, interviews, bags manufacturing’s secrets and the mythic fancydress ball in New York….
  4. Thanks - I have ordered some otherstuff from the site and put in a query about the language. I will let you all know
  5. Great, I'm one of the biggest MJ fans! :tup::tup: He looks so great after his transformation.
  6. Please keep us updated when you get the dvd!