marc jacobs hudson

  1. What do you think. Is the MJ Hudson a "classic" bag or will it scream 2006 next year? I have the Muse bag, which I think is a classic bag that can be used for many years, but am up in the air about purchasing a Hudson.
  2. I personally think it´s a bag that can be worn forever. (Nap has is a cheaper price ,770dollars, than loads of others if youre thinking of buying Designer Fashion - NET-A-PORTER.COM) It goes with pretty much anything you wear.
  3. This bag is TDF! I think you will be able to carry this bag for a long time. I get loads of compliments and it seems to go with everything (I got Chili).
  4. Love this bag - a gorgeous bag is a gorgeous bag. If you love it then go for it.
  5. I don't think Hudson screams trendy, most of MJ bags are classic looking. =)
  6. I agree with bag.lover! MJ bags are classic

    I got the Hudson in Chili and love it! I say go for it :yes: :flowers:
  7. I agree. It's classic. And you'll get oodles of compliments on it!
  8. Scratch that, I forgot the price was in pounds :lol:
  9. Can anyone post pics of this bag in the chili/dark blue? I've heard of these ghost colors, but have yet to see them. I'm in LOVE with the dark brown with caramel stripes. May have to get that when I go to NY...
  10. Here's a pic of my Chili Hudson. I would highly recommend it :tender:
  11. Pelinaka, do you find that you use the middle compartment of the bag (that doesnt have a clasp or closure)? I mean, it seems like kind of a waste of space as I'd be too afraid to put anything in it since it wouldn't be secured.

    How do you feel about it after using it. I really love the Hudson and want to get one, although I'm hesitant that it doesn't have a clasp to close it like the Blake does.
  12. mpark, not at all. I put my wallet and keys in the zippered compartment but everything else I put in the middle. It's a little hard to explain, but when you're holding the bag the middle isn't open anymore. I hope I made sense :lol: :shame:

  13. I agree. I zip my wallet up, but everything I need quickly, I put in the middle compartment. It doesn't hang open at all. I guess the only concern would be if you kicked your bag over and everything dumped. But this bag is pretty deep. Mine has tipped onto its side in the car a couple of times and nothing has fallen out. My only negative is that sometimes I forget which side zip I have things stored in.:lol: You'll love this bag!
  14. georgiegirl, thank you! I'm glad someone understood what I was trying to explain :upsidedown: What color did you get? :flowers:
  15. i just got this bag in the dark brown...i haven't used it is still in its dustbag and i am still in the phase of staring at its beauty!:yahoo::yahoo: