Marc Jacobs Bags...


Jan 30, 2006
I wanted to get people's opinion on two Marc Jacobs bags that I have been eyeing. First is the Tooled Leather Tote, and the other is the Tooled Leather Satchel. They're both the same price, but I can't seem to decide which one I want more. Any thoughts? :unsure:


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The second one looks more comfortable to carry.. and I like it a little better, not sure if I like the shape of the flap and buckle !
There both cute...I like the color on the first one better. The second looks like a gerard darel knockoff. Depending on the price, the GD is in the most scrumptious leather and retails for about $325.
I love MJ's bags infact I ordered bag #1 in Ale.It should be here on the 9th from NM.
I usually buy from the Marc Jacobs line so this will be my first from the Marc By Marc Jacobs line.I think it's a cute bag :smile: .It's nice & roomy without weighing a ton.
I vote for #2 but I'm bias because i have it in white, haha.

#1 is a great shape and very pretty in white but I found it very uncomfortable to carry since it can't fit on the shoulders and it's still a pretty big bag, and the opening is a pain.
I think at first glance the first one comes off better because of its colour, but in the long run the second one would probably prove much comfier and user friendly. Also the tan leather is a really understated sort of beautiful.
Bag #1 arrived today ,I love the size but the color looks nothing like the advertised photo.The bag looks like it was washed in a tub full of blue jeans and had blue dye rub off on the leather.:oh:
It's a good thing I have a great sense of humor :lol: :lol: :lol: .