marc jacobs adina or botkier stirrup?

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  1. [​IMG]
    marc jacobs adina, on sale for $840

    botkier stirrup, on sale for $560

    which one should i get????? should i get either??? i just bought a new bag but i love love love both of these, the sales won't last forever, and i need to make a decision! the botkier is much closer to my price range but that adina is just so gorgeous
  2. I posted before (on your other thread) ADINA, ADINA, ADINA!
  3. if money isn't the issue, ADINA: it's more for your money, and will go with most outfits...and a bigger discount/ greater deal, which may not come around again...:P
  4. The Adina gets my vote!
  5. Hate to add to another break the bank vote but Adina all the way.
  6. And if you are going to buy one, do it before they sell out so we don't have to duke it out over mine!
  7. I like adina :smile: better go for it
  8. Adina! I was thinking of getting one of those myself :biggrin:
  9. Adina, too cute!
  10. Adina!!!
  11. I love the Adina. Ivory is such a hot color in this bag.
  12. I like the Adina too but if you are going to get the botkier you should know that has the same one on sale for $297. They are legit, they have an arizona store I believe.
  13. Adina definitely! there's no comparison.
  14. The Adina gets my vote! :biggrin:
  15. I'm in love with that Adina bag, so pretty.