Marc by Marc Jacobs???

  1. This isn't necessarily regarding jewelry--but I couldn't figure out where else to put it--sorrry!! If someone knows somewhere else I should put it just let me know and I'll be happy to move it :smile:

    Anyhow, I really want to get my little sister a set like the picture attached (I took it from eBay)

    But I've never been in a Marc by MJ store, so I'm not sure how to tell if they're authentic or not on eBay--anyone know?? I'd rather buy them in the actual store--but all the eBay sellers are claiming they were "limited edition" (go figure lol). So has anyone seen these items in the store recently? And if so, do you remember about how much they were??

    Thanks in advance :smile:
    marc jacobs.jpg
  2. ^ I remembers seeing some of pieces (sold seperately) at Marc by Marc Jacobs store in LA, I believe they are cheaper than those being sold on ebay. You should try calling boutiques first. Good luck.
  3. Alright thanks--I just tried calling the boutique and no one will answer :sad: Haha, I'll just have to try going down there sometime this weekend! Thanks again :smile:
  4. I bought my cousin the mirror, it was like $5 and they had tons of them. I remember seeing the bandage case too.. it was like $3 or $4.

  5. Awesome, thanks!! Was this recently?
  6. yeah those items are pretty cheap and you can buy it if you call the m by mj store but shipping is $8. the best way to get one of those little cheap items is to have a friend/relative/etc who lives near the store buy it for you and ship it to you. i love the little mj items. i have a stinky rat keychain ($1) and metallic logo keychain ($5).

  7. Thanks! I tried calling and having it shipped but they said they charge a flat rate of $20. The lady kept insisting that it'd be a way better idea to just go in and buy them since it's so cheap. So I ended up driving down there last night and getting some stuff. BUT, good ol me, got one less heart mirror than I should have. Lol. So now I'll probably end up paying the flat rate of shipping to get one more heart mirror lol otherwise my sisters will be fighting over all of it. Oh Thanks again :smile:
  8. oops i knew it was outrageous.... i got it confused with Nordies shipping.