marc by marc jacobs?

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  1. okay so i saw this bag online a couple of days ago and i thought it was alright but i went to beverly center the other day and stopped by bloomys to shop around the handbag section and i saw this bag, picked it up, and fell in LOVE with the leather. it's alot more supple than it looks. i love it in cream.

    what do you all think of marc by marc jacobs? i LOVE marc jacobs but i've been really iffy about the marc by marc jacobs line (handbag-wise). what do you all think of this one?

    $358 at neimans.

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  2. I saw the tan colored one on and thought it was really pretty, but I was wondering about the quality. I'm glad to know that it's really soft and I love the price.
  3. I think it's REALLY pretty and OMG, that price!!!
  4. I think Marc by MJ can be somewhat misguided but I reallly like this bag, especially in the white and tan colors. It's pretty big which is great as well, and you can't beat the price.
  5. I completely agree with BagLovingMom. I find that some of the Marc by Marc Jacobs (MbMJ...for further references) bags don't appeal to me, even if it is shades cheaper than the Marc Jacobs line. For the price of some of the MbMJ, I'd rather get a leather Coach bag or something else that isn't made from funky material/pattern or cloth that is extremely trendy.
  6. i was really surprised too! esp. since it's mbmj and the quality/style of most of the bags are really off. it's alot nicer than i thought it would be in person. really considering it! esp since it's 358! :biggrin:
  7. fianlly somthing without the 2 darn pockets and buckles on the front!
  8. I have a MBMJ suede hobo that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Great quality, sassy look and a STEAL at $350!!!
  9. If you love the bag, that's a great price! I though I have seen the bag and the price somewhere online (I can't remember where) and the price was alot more than that..and I thought it was a nice bag when I saw it. And now with that price..go get it!!
  10. I have two Marc by Marc Jacobs bags... both suede satchel/shoulder type bags. I agree that some of his bags in this line were a bit off but the two I bought I like them a lot. They are not "wow" bags but very functional and has some style to it. They have held up pretty well. I've had them for almost two years now.
  11. Some of the MbMJ bags are a little odd--especially the non-leather ones. But all the leather ones I've seen have always been of nice quality and very attractive. Plus the prices are very reasonable for more "trendy" looks.

    If you like a purse, regardless of the low price, I say go for it!
  12. OMGOSH!!!! I almost got that one!!!!!!!!!! I really liked the white another DANG IT for me.
  13. I got that in teal awhile back but it was WAY TOO big for my body frame so I returned it. The leather is AMAZING, you should definitely get it. I also like how it can expand into more of a 'square' shape.

    I think the Marc by MJ line is fantastic. The quality is great and price is wonderful
  14. eek! i should have tried it on! i can't exactly remember the size proportion.. now i'm a little worried it'll be too big for me. i'm pretty petite and 5'4'' ... do you think it'll be too large for me?
  15. LOL

    It's a smiler!