Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Tote

  1. Hiiiii :smile:

    Can someone tell me in which colour does the Marc by Marc Jacobs Softy Tote come?:confused1:

    And where can I see more bags from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Maybe older one too.

    Thanks for helping.

    Best wishes :heart:
  2. Hi: Check out - They have the best MbyMJ selection on-line I believe.
  3. as far as i can remember, they come in ivory, camo green, and espresso brown. i actually ordered a ivory one from Nordstrom before, and returned it because it's gigantic!! I am 5'6 but it still looked HUGE on me, i am all for big bags and all but if half my body can hide behind a bag it's not a good thing. hope this helps
  4. I just got one about 2 weeks ago in green.. it is big and i am 5'3''... but I was thinking about using it as a travel bag... hmm... still deciding..

    It is on sale at Nordstrom right now... 33%... You can call your Nordstrom and they can find it for you and ship it to you for free... (at least that's what my SA told me) and all 3 color(Chalk, Green, Orangelish color) are on sale right now..
  5. hi brtracy-

    I was wondering which Nordstrom you purchased the Softy tote from at 33% off? I want to purchase one for my mom's bday, but nordies online is still showing full price, so I will contact the store directly. Thanks! :smile: