Marc by Marc Jacobs Posh Tote on Sale Saks

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  1. Hi, mezmari. What colors did they have left at the Chevy Chase Saks? Also, what's the lining in the Posh Tote? Thanks!
  2. last time i was there (yesterday) they had navy and brown. Lining in navy is white and dark blue/black stripes, it's nice. I returned a shiny patent leather one a day before, but it was not there. I did not like it much, the lining was too wild and the lock seemed cheap (very shiny with black writing over silver).
  3. Thanks! I will be up near that Saks tomorrow, so I may pop in to see what's left. Great description on the lining. I don't like the MbyMJ black and white logo lining, so I had to ask! One more question, though. Isn't the Posh Tote a patent navy leather? Just asking since you said you returned a shiny patent leather bag.
  4. No, the shiny patent leather was black. With very shiny lock. Did not like that. Dont remember the lining. Dark navy one is just plain leather, brass hardware, black/white striped lining. I'm not sure about lining of the brown bag. Brown was pretty too, but i just got a Jimmy Choo brown bag, so that would be enough at this time. :smile: Glad it helped!
  5. Thanks again! Definitely going to check it out at Saks tomorrow. Will post if I get anything!