MARC by Marc Jacobs Leather Tote

  1. I keep seeing this bag on the Bergdorf site and I can't decide if it's perfect or ugly! :rolleyes:

    Details: Ok. So i need a basic black bag for everyday. Something stylish and sturdy enough for work, but cute enough to carry w/o feeling like a "student".

    Should i spend the $500 on this bag and love it forever or should I wait for something cuter and better?


    Bergdorf Goodman Online *-*MARC by Marc Jacobs*-*Leather Tote

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I think it's a very cute, and classic looking bag, which is surprising to me because it's Marc by Marc Jacobs. I feel that MbMJ is very trendy and of the moment. I think the leather is good quality, but obviously not as nice as the MJ collection.
  3. It´s wonderful!! I hadn´t seen that before.

  4. I saw this bag at Saks last week,the leather on this bag is fabulous,it's thick,soft as butter and the bag as a whole is extremely well made.I darn near purchased the Yam colored bag,that color looks much better IRL than the website photos.I really wanted a big red tote,that's the only thing that kept me from buying this style.

    I found my big red tote afterall :yahoo: ,it's a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag as well.I absolutely love this tote,this color is called Firebird Red it's a
    pre-order at Sakes,I can hardly wait till it arrives around first week of September :smile: .

    I have purchase MJ bags and these in question are well worth the money.BTW-The bag you posted is nice & roomy as well.
  5. Hi Cat -- I pre-ordered the Tina bag in Firebird Red as well! I keep checking around other websites to see if I can find pics of the inside but I really like the style and the leather looks so soft! I keep hoping they'll get the red bag in early so they can process the pre-orders. I'm tempted to order the black, too. I'm wondering if the red is the same as the Balenciaga rouge VIF and if the leather is as nice as the Balenciaga leather.
  6. You need to pick what you love. If you really love that bag and it's going to be something you can use in the long run, go for it.
  7. Personally, I don't like this style. Maybe I'm used to the recent sales for MJ items, I think $500 for a MbyMJ is expensive -- price tags seem to skyrocket for lots of bags these days. =(

    Have you seen this in person yet? Like Elongreach said, go for it if you like it. =)
  8. Cat & Abaglover, this Red bag looks nice!!!!
  9. Awesome bag. I have not seen it before. Go for it.
  10. I haven't seen that style before but I really like it!!
  11. Thanks all for the feedback!
    I have not seen this bag in person yet. I guess my hesitation is that is Marc by Marc Jacobs. The price for this bag in the second line is more than they usually charge and i guess i question the quality.

    I personally love his namesake line, but my MJ bag is SO heavy! I wonder if i carry this bag with ALL of my work stuff and stay "on the go" if my shoulder will collapse. :nuts:

    Cat, when you saw the bag at Saks, was it heavy? Or anyone else who owns MbyMJ -- do you know if these bags are lighter than MJ?
  12. I love the red bag. It comes in black also.
  13. Hi lisaluckylizzie -- yes, MbyMJ bags are lighter than MJ bags. But the leather is still nice. Of course, MJ leather is nicer -- thicker, more plush, etc.
  14. Cat, could you describe the Yam color? There isn't a picture of it on the BG site, and I'm very interested!
  15. Here's a picture off the Saks site,the color is much better IRL.The color looks more like the inside of a baked sweet potato :smile: .It looks a bit on the orange side in there photo but that's due to the lighting,it looks much different IRL.The leather on these bags are nothing like most of the MBMJ leathers,it's thicker and extremely soft & squishy.

    Dispite the thickness of the leather used on these bags they aren't heavy,I found it very comfortable.