Marc by Marc Jacobs HELP!

  1. Totally Turnlock Bowler - moss or black??
  2. it depends on how on you usually you typically go for neutral colors?
    My vote would be black...because it goes with more...but I don't know your style. :yes:
  3. Black
  4. i do not think i have seen a picture of this one. does anyone have one?
  5. I am eyeing the black one myself so I vote black
  6. I have black and really like it. If you have several black bags, the moss might be a nice change.
  7. I have the black one and I love it!!
  8. another vote for the black!
  9. MOSS MOSS MOSS MOSS MOSS! I LOVE IT IN THAT COLOR! too boring in black, but the MOSS is GA-GA-GORGEOUS!
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