Marc Backpack Help!

  1. Hi girls, I've used jansport backpacks for as long as I can remember, and my last one finally broke on me after years and years of trusty service...and I'm going to step it up! I just called the MbyMJ store in LA, and they said they had a corduroy and a canvas men's backpack. I haven't been able to locate any pictures online, so I figured there'd be someone here who could help me out!

    The item number is: M4172014.

    If anyone could get me dimensions and/or pictures, that would be fantastic!

    Thanks girls,
  2. the backpacks were available the last time i was at the mbmj store. quite a few people were picking them up. you can find the picture on under "special items." it's called "rucksack." it comes in many colors, but the nyc store only had blue, red, and silver about a week and a half ago. they might have had more colors in the back though.

  3. yeah I was checking that out on and it's totally cute! there are some really nice colors too!
  4. Sweet! Thank you so much!

    If I can't carry a purse, this is the closest I can get at my age...Once I can pull off a briefcase, it is so on! :yahoo: