Mappin and Webb?

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  1. I just stumbled upon this British jewelry company. Their styles are gorgeous, and apparently they're endorsed by the British Royal Family, but I've never heard of them before! Does anyone have a piece of their jewelry? What do you think?

    (I've attached pics of my favorites from their site - so beautiful!)

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  2. Sure, they have been around a long time in the UK. They sell their own jewellery plus a few other high end brands. I bought my Rolex from them and they sell Cartier watches. They are part of the same group as Goldsmiths (a UK high street jeweller) but they tend to specialise in the more expensive items.
    They are "by appointment to" with regards the Royal family which means that Royals have purchased from there I believe.
  3. The Duchess od Cambridge has multiple pieces from them and wears them constantly.
  4. Bumping!

    I'm thinking of buying a Fortune pendant from Mappin and Webb, has anyone got one of these? Some photos to enable me would be fab!
  5. No one? I decided to buy it in the end, the Fortune pendant in yellow gold with 0.28ct of diamonds. The sale price at Goldsmiths was too good to resist, £1500 down to £675! It's a smaller version of the one the Duchess of Cambridge wears and mine is yellow gold as opposed to the white that she has (which is also on sale at £675 if anyone is interested).

    I should get it tomorrow, so if I decide to keep I will do a reveal on here with pics.
  6. Do you live in the US? If so, how did you place an order? I tried and tried to get the white gold Fortune pendant but their website seems to only allow UK delivery. I sent them an email days ago and never heard back.
  7. No, I live in the UK so was able to order via the website. I know it can be expensive but might it be worth ringing them? If you could speak to someone they might be able to do a special order for you? It's really frustrating when some companies don't appear to post abroad, I'm currently interested in a ring on the Hello Noemie site (after being inspired by a thread on here) but they don't appear to post to the UK :sad:
  8. I just realised that I haven't updated on here following my Fortune pendant being delivered.

    Overall I'm really happy with it and it layers beautifully with other necklaces because of the 16" and 18" chain options, however it is a lot smaller than I thought it would be. It would be great if they had more images available on the website including of it being modelled.

    I think the design looks at its best with the bigger circle (as worn by the DoC), but for the price point in the sale I'm really pleased with it. I'll see if I can post a couple of photos on here.
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  9. I just checked on the Goldsmiths site and it implies that they do deliver outside the UK as they mention non UK mainland addresses further down the page. I would definitely ring them if you can as I'm pretty sure based on this that they would deliver to you.
  10. Thank you
  11. I woukd love to see a pic of you fortune pendant if you decided to keep it. With the time difference I never managed to be free to call Goldsmiths while they were open and they never answered my email, but I found a local jeweler willing to make me something pretty close to the two circle fortune necklace so I may go that route.
  12. I am in love with a couple of items from Mappin and Webb and was told that they are expanding internationally and actually opening a store in the United States in April. The regular Mappin and Webb stores will ship to the US with DHL.